Quality & development

Laser Nova collaborate with other companies and organisations to ensure continuous improvement and even more effective production processes. 

Process control

We sometimes work with the component parts of end products that are only about a tenth of a millimetre in diameter. Whatever the part size, we have to ensure that our results are perfectly correct in everything – from geometry and functionality down to the surface structure, even at a nano scale. Accuracy in our work is absolutely critical to whether our customers' end products function as they should. 

  • We can analyse the product with optical and scanning electron microscopes (SEM).
  • We can also film the production process with a high-speed camera.
  • We can identify and correct potential problems at an early stage, as well as define the laser parameters that are suitable for each application.
  • Sometimes this also includes choice of materials and proper gas protection for welding.


Quality assurance

We are quality certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 medical devices and registered at the American FDA. But it's even more important for us to be knowledgable of, and work according to, the standards and specific requirements set by our customer segments and their respective sectors.

ISO certifikat

Continuous process and competence improvement

Laser Nova has academic expertise in laser processing. We also collaborate with other companies and organisations to ensure continuous improvement and even more effective production processes.

Luleå University of Technology (LTU)

Prof. Alexander Kaplan says:
"The department of manufacturing systems engineering at Luleå University of Technology has enjoyed a very rewarding research collaboration with Laser Nova previously, and we look forward to continuing this in the future. Laser Nova has been of great significance in laser welding research as it is a technically competent high-tech SME, with micro-scale applications for different sectors which set the highest demands. Laser Nova has excellent complementary skills to LTU both in terms of the welding process and also in different techniques for measuring the process as well as the laser beam itself.

Laser Nova has been an active partner in LTU's DATLAS research project, "DATa interactive process monitoring for LASer welding" amongst other things. Our role, together with the project's PhD students, has been to test and evaluate the various methods developed. 

Villmanstrand/Lappeenranta University (LUT) Villmanstrand: Finland

Dr. Heidi Piili says:
LUT Laser is interested in working with Laser Nova on laser processing as this kind of cross-Scandinavian collaboration is beneficial for all laser stakeholders. Laser Nova's core competencies are a good match for LUT Laser's strategy. When the university has practical contact with industry it always leads to fruitful collaboration as the industry needs can be better understood by academic researchers, and vice versa. New developments from the university get more easily accepted and embedded into industry when they are more aware of the latest research results and trends.


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