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The thing that unites all our customers is that they set high standards for precision, accuracy and quality.

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Laser Nova uses its specialist expertise in laser micro-processing to help clients effectively from prototype to high quality production.

Our vision – a world-class laser micro-processing company

Laser Nova AB a world-class laser micro-processing company - every day. 

We are much more than an ordinary subcontractor. We're specialists who are often trusted by customers to manage the entire process from R&D, feasibility studies, investigations and procurement, all the way to finished, washed/sterilised and packaged final products. For us, being world-class means always delivering on the highest expectations and demands of our customers. Our customers are often world-class companies. That's why we have to be too. Customers in industries requiring very high precision, quality and accuracy are those we enjoy working with most. 

Many of you work in sectors where precision can sometimes be a matter of life-or-death, for example in the medical technology industry or nuclear power industry. Otherwise, you work in sectors where the smallest detail is critical to the success of the bigger picture, for example in the camera industry.

Sectors with extremely high standards

Our customers are often in sectors with extremely high standards, for example:

  • medical technology
  • nuclear power
  • dental
  • precision engineering
  • offshore

as well as other sectors which require the highest levels of precision, broad and deep competence and a steady hand. Whether the finished product needs to be translucent thin, or strong enough to withstand constant, heavy wear and tear, we have the technology to make it.


Brånemark Integration (surface structuring)

The dental screw – faster ingrowth.


Brånemark Integration provides osseo-integrated solutions for jaw and face surgery. Working closely with clinics, the company develops and improves products for patient rehabilitation after jaw and face operations. It's critical that these products grow safely together with the underlying bone structure (osseo-integration).


During the time needed for a new screw to grow and fit solidly, the patient has to be very careful about the type of food they eat so that they don't disturb the healing process. The challenge for us was to create the right kind of surface for the dental screw, so that the screw became integrated with the jaw-bone as quickly as possible to shorten the healing time.

How we help

Using our knowledge of how lasers and materials interact we developed a specially designed production method. Our ability to analyse the results using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) meant that we could also verify that we achieved the desired surface all the way down to the smallest scale.


  • Our original method is still being used.
  • The original macro structure.
  • 60% of the surface is made out of machine-processed titanium.
  • 40% of the surfaces - the threads – are patented to get the BioHelix structure.
  • 244 % higher initial stability (after 8 weeks)

What the customer says:

"Laser Nova has solid knowledge, technical competence, is quick and easy to do business with."

Dover  (Welding)

Inkjet equipment - careful handling of magnetism


Dover is a world-leading, established manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions. Dover provides a complete range of reliable and innovative labelling systems and applications, based on inkjet, laser and thermal transfer technologies.

Dover provides fully integrated solutions which: ensure product quality and safety; comply with regulations from authorities and retailers; and improve management of product recalls and the manufacturing process. We laser weld vital components for the ink jet equipment.


A thin-walled tube (0.05 mm) is welded to magnetic material. To avoid de-magnetisation, we need to ensure that the magnetised material doesn’t get heated up during the process.

How we help

Using our knowledge of how lasers and materials interact, we develop a process that enables both an effective production process and allows for critical material parameters to be controlled.


Dover is a still a large customer of Laser Nova today.

Karolinska Institutet (drilling)

Laser drilling of holes in syringes – flexible, varied options


Karolinska Institutet is one of the world's leading medical universities. Its mission is to contribute to and improve human health through research and education. Karolinska Institutet accounts for 40% of Sweden's academic medical research and has the widest range of medical education programmes.


When treating cancer using injection methods, the ability to spread the cytotoxin is vital for the treatment to be effective. Changing the characteristics of the needle holes to create the desired flow is a challenge.

How we help

Laser technology is optimal for piercing needle holes.We can very quickly and simply change the properties of the needle hole, for example its diameter. This is a particularly useful method for medical research projects where many types of needles need to be tested. We laser machine needle holes down to 25 microns in diameter.


The needles that were machined by Laser Nova AB were shown to be very suitable for Karolinska Institutet's cell therapy.

Westinghouse (welding)

Spacer  - a challenging manufacturing process


Westinghouse is an international company that provides the nuclear power industry with fuel, technology, facilities and equipment. Laser Nova AB contributes its knowledge in producing a spacer under strict quality standards.



Creating products for the nuclear power industry means working to extremely high standards of finished product quality. One example is welding the spacer, a part used to improve the flow of water around the fuel pipe and thus cool the reactor. Under no circumstances can there be any pores, cracks or other defects in the welding, which is why control and quality assurance here is of extra importance.

How we help

Together with our customer and their development team we've created a manufacturing process where we can ensure that the welding and everything else is correct. To ensure quality, we also analysed the welding process with a high-speed camera.


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The thing that unites all our customers is that they set high standards for precisionaccuracy and quality.

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