Medical Devices

With ISO 13485 certification and specialist expertise in microlaser processing, we will help you refine your medical equipment. Cutting, welding, engraving and drilling with total process control.

Manufacturer of medical industry equipment

Do you need a new medical device? Contanct Laser Nova – we have extensive experience of producing medical equipment and building quality assured processes. The thing that unites all our customers is that they set high standards for precisionaccuracy and quality. Together we can find the best production of your medical device.

Certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2015 

We are quality certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 medical devices and registered at the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Laser work in really small dimensions

We sometimes work with the component parts of end products that are only about a tenth of a millimetre in diameter. Whatever the part size, we have to ensure that our results are perfectly correct in everything – from geometry and functionality down to the surface structure, even at a nano scale. Accuracy in our work is absolutely critical to whether our customers' end products function as they should. 

We usually work with products in metal – for example stainless steel, titanium, inconel, kovar, copper or aluminum.

From prototype to larger volumes

One of the major advantages of using lasers is that you can quickly and simply create a prototype of a tool, for example, that can be mass produced at a later time. That means that several different geometries can be tested quickly and cost-effectively.

We can analyse our processes using a high-speed camera and carry out post-production analysis using a scanning electron microscope (SEM analysis).

Do you need a new medical device?

Working closely with your product development team and your design engineers we ensure the best, most efficient and cost-effective production for your medical product.


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Head of research and development, CTO

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"Laser Nova has solid knowledge, technical competence, is quick and easy to do business with."

Brånemark Integration provides osseo-integrated solutions for jaw and face surgery. The challenge for us was to create the right kind of surface for the dental screw, so that the screw became integrated with the jaw-bone as quickly as possible to shorten the healing time. Using our knowledge of how lasers and materials interact we developed a specially designed production method. 

About the project

Laser drilling of needles for Karolinska Institutet

Laser technology is optimal for piercing needle holes. The needles that were machined by Laser Nova AB were shown to be very suitable for Karolinska Institutet's cell therapy. Laser technology can very quickly and simply change the properties of the needle hole, for example its diameter. This is a particularly useful method for medical research projects where many types of needles need to be tested.

About the project

Cutting, welding, engraving and drilling with laser technology

Lasers have properties that make them perfectly suited for work in tiny dimensions. We can cut complex geometries and make cuts as narrow as 0,015 mm wide. We also laser drill holes that are invisible to the eye, and weld joints as small as a few tenths of a millimetre in width.

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