New laser marking equipment

Laser Nova has ordered a laser marker of the short-pulse laser type from Masentia AB. The machine is a COHERENT ExactMark 230 USP equipped with a 30W picosecond laser.

Short pulse laser - many benefits

The advantage of this type of laser is, among other things, that the marking takes place completely without the effect of heat and gives a corrosion-free black marking on e.g. stainless and titanium - and also really small sizes.

Upcoming requirements for labeling of Unique Device Indentifier

The machine will arrive around New Year, but if you see in front of you a need for surface structuring or marking of 2D codes, UDI codes (Unique Device Indentifier) on medical products (a requirement from 2023), do not hesitate to contact us now then we can come up with a solution.

Photos from Coherent.com.